How to report invalid clicks to Adsense

How to report invalid clicks to AdSense before get banned…

Many AdSense publishers including me may have got this type of email. But don’t worry you can create another Adsense Account. If you got the above email you can fill this form

There are some crazy people out there who click Adsense Ads madly. Obviously they are not trying to increase your revenue, but try to ban you from Adsense.

Whenever you get a lot of clicks from one user, Google will understand someone is trying to manipulate your Adsense account.

Though Adsense credits the fraud clicks revenue on estimated earnings initially,  it will be discredited once they detect it as fraud. Then Google Ban your account.


How to notify AdSense about invalid clicks before gets banned

   You can now notify google about invalid clicks before your account disabled. If you do this, they will save your request to their records. In the future if your account got invalid clicks, google will see your request. So applying a request is a good idea to prevent your account from disabled.

The form will look like this:-

Fill this form only when your account has a chance of banned.

Form link

Good luck…

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