[2019] Best 5 Blogger Templates for tech bloggers

Best 5 Blogger Templates for tech bloggers

Hi I am Sanjay, In this article I am going to present you the best 5 Blogger Templates for tech bloggers.

These templates are 100% Responsive, mobile friendly, etc…

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1. Sora Ribbon

Sora Ribbon Blogger Template is a clean, clean and modern Blogger theme with a stylish and carefully crafted perfect design. This powerful blogspot theme has a 100% responsive design, which is great for your personal blog or magazine.

2.Sora One

Sora One Blogger Template is a creative blogger theme with an elegant and carefully designed design. The theme was designed with the “mobile first” design, which means that it was designed for the mobile from the start and was adapted for a larger screen afterwards.

3.NewsFlash Blogger Template

NewsFlash Blogger Template is a best template for Tech news Bloggers.

4.Magento Blogger Template

5.Need Mag

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