How to make a website in 2019 with no investment.

Hi I am Sanjay Developer, In this article I am going to tell you How to make a Website with no investment in 2019.

So First you need to what are the requirements to make our own website. Here are the list of requirements:-

1. Domain

If you want to make a startup website you need to buy a Domain. But buying a domain is a little investment. So I am telling you steps to get a free domain.
First create a new account in
Then register a free domain extensions (.tk, .ml, .cf, .ga, etc.)

2. Hosting

 Next to get a Hosting.
There are many hosting providers with cheap cost. But this article is about getting a free Hosting.
So I am listing a few free Hosting providers:-
Click on the above links then signup.
Then get a free hosting and type the free domain that you have in freenom.
Then change the nameservers of that hosting provider in freenom nameserver.

If you don’t want Hosting then you can use Blogger platform and skip the third step.

3. WordPress

After getting a Hosting, You need to install wordpress in hosting.
Most Hosting providers have a ready made wordpress, so you need to worry.
But If there is no option to install WordPress, you need to download wordpress then upload it to Hosting file manager.

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