[Free] Create your own Url Shortener Script in 2019

Create Your Own Url Shortener Script from Scratch!

Hi, I am Sanjay. In this article I am going to teach you how to Create your own Url shortener Script…
Like AdLinkfly, Bit.ly, Adf.ly. etc..

Do create You need a Code editor Software in your pc..

To know what is the Best Click here

Ok then Let’s make it!

1.Open Up Xampp server, start Apache and MySql module.

2.Go to phpMyAdmin and create a New Database shorten_url

2.Download this Source code

3.Unzip the Zip file in htdocs folder.

4.Find config.php file and enter your database details.

5.Enter your site url.( If on Xampp htdocs folder, simply http://localhost)

6.Find install.txt file and copy the text.

7.Go to shorten_url database. Click the SQL tab on the top.

8.Paste the copied text and click go. (Now a new table is created)

9.That’s all…

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